Grow Green Industries is committed to the health and well-being everywhere and we have a special place in our heart for children. With their developing immune systems and smaller sizes, it’s critical that they get the safest, cleanest food available. Our commercial solutions are ideal for any size prep kitchen, up to central kitchens, and offer the ability to provide washed, fresh-cut produce items conveniently and affordably for students and staff.  Grow Green products are used in over 25 school districts in California and available through several distributors. Please contact us to find the right solutions for your schools.  We are excited to expand with your needs.


Wanda Grant

RD, SNS, Child Nutrition Director and Specialist

“We’re in the business of feeding children, not garbage cans. eatSafe™ is the first all-natural, nontoxic product that we can use in School Nutrition Programs to ensure that our Farm to School and all produce we receive can be washed to ensure the safety of our fruits and vegetables. I have been in School Nutrition for over 40 years and have always struggled with how to wash produce effectively without exposing our employees to toxic, closed system chemicals. eatSafe™ is that answer.”

Dale Ellis


“We are looking forward to a new school year with ‘cleaner’ produce to offer our students. After the first use of eatSafe, I was sold on the improved appearance of certain fruit and vegetables, because as you know we eat with our eyes.”


Sell Sheets

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