eatSafe Launch Release

Lake Forest, CA – eatSafeTM is the latest innovation in food safety from Grow Green Industries, INC. A four-times concentrated produce wash, eatSafeTM removes 99% of harmful pathogens such as eColi, Salmonella and Listeria and is specifically designed for commercial and food service use.

On the journey from field to table fresh produce is sprayed, waxed and touched by over 30 sets of hands. An easy and healthy solution for grocery stores, schools and food service operation is eatSafeTM an all-natural antimicrobial and antioxidant patented spray that improves food safety and freshness. eatSafeTM requires no special handling or machinery and is made in the USA by Grow Green Industries, INC only using safe and organic ingredients.

eatSafeTM is 99% more effective than water alone in removing pesticide residue, wax and pathogens from fresh produce plus also extends the produce shelf life up to 200% diminishing waste and saving money. Grown Green Industries, INC patented formulation is OMRI-listed and Kosher certified and provides lab proven solutions that are safe, effective and made with FDA-approved GRAS ingredients.

Easy to use eatSafeTM comes in a one gallon HDPE container with a one ounce pump dispenser, which can be used in any size kitchen or facility. By adding just two pumps of eatSafeTM into 5-gallons of water and allowing fruits and vegetables to soak for 2-5 minutes, fresh produce is visibly cleaner, has a better smell, taste and mouth feel. This mix can be re-used up to 3 times, allowing 8,000 pounds of produce to be cleaned in just 1-gallon of diluted eatSafeTM.

Wanda Grant, RD, SNS, Child Nutrition Director and Specialist states, “We’re in the business of feeding children, not garbage cans. eatSafeTM is the first all-natural, nontoxic product that we can use in School Nutrition Programs to ensure that our Farm to School and all produce we receive can be washed to ensure the safety of our fruits and vegetables. I have been in School Nutrition for over 40 years and have always struggled with how to wash produce effectively without exposing our employees to toxic, closed system chemicals. eatSafeTM is that answer.”

eatSafeTM is the second product release of eatFesh-FCTM, is Grow Green Industries, INC anti-browning solution and is used by the Los Angeles Unified School District, Albertsons and Fuji Foods. With the latest launch of eatSafeTM, Grow Green Industries, INC is providing all natural solutions for effective produce washing, shelf life extension for prepared dips and salads and anti-browning for cut fruit in their two-step product use process.

Launching this month eatSafeTM is the latest innovation in food safety technology and available for purchase through Grow Green Industries, INC.

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About Grow Green Industries, INC

Grow Green Industries, INC, is a Southern California based company dedicated to eco solutions for food safety and are the creators of a range of all natural, patented products for commercial and consumer applications, including eatCleaner®, eatFresh® and eatSafe®. Grow Green Industries, INC. is a minority woman owned business.