The greatest food invention since sliced bread. Literally. (eatFresh-FC)

Imagine you’re a school district, or a grocery store, looking to offer fresh fruits and vegetables to your customers. You need to get four shipments a week in order to continue offering fresh produce. How much would you save if you could cut shipments to only two a week?

Or you have a dip or spread and are looking for a clean-label alternative to sodium benzoate and other synthetic preservatives?

Ingredient supplier and “commercialization engine” PL Thomas has the answer with its revolutionary eatFresh-FC natural antimicrobial technology.

EatFresh-FC is comprised of a blend of lower-case “O” organic acids in a synergistic patented blend that breaks down so you don’t even have to label it. It preserves color, texture and freshness while it inhibits the growth of bacteria, yeast and mold, so it naturally extends the shelf life of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables.

Tests have revealed avocados can be protected to eight days (though official recommendations are far less).

“We’re all about the fresh zone,” said Sid Hulse, new product development manager for PL Thomas. “Working with school districts, they soak their fruits or vegetables in a tub for a minute or two and it’s protected.”