UC Davis Fresh Cut Products Conference features eatFresh-FC Anti-Browning Powder and eatCleaner Produce Wash

Grow Green Industries was invited to attend the 22nd Annual Fresh Cut Products Conference at University of California, Davis from September 18th-20th, 2018 to showcase their innovative line of clean label wash and shelf life extension solutions. The comprehensive workshop and conference was facilitated by the UC Davis Postharvest Center, led by the pre-eminent scientists and minds in food safety and shelf life extension of fresh produce. Led by Dr. Trevor Suslow, the workshop was designed for fresh-cut produce industry professionals—from small, local and regional produce processors to large businesses with nationwide distribution. Food scientists, food engineers, quality assurance personnel and new product development staff as well as representatives from research institutions, the restaurant and Institutional food industries, and equipment, packaging and ingredient suppliers all benefitted from attending, as the fresh-cut sector continues to develop innovative and convenient products.

Grow Green Industries Founder and CEO, Mareya S. Ibrahim, demonstrating the efficacy of eatCleaner produce wash and eatFresh-FC anti-browning solution at UC Davis’ 22nd Annual Fresh Cut Conference

Which broccoli and kale do you think was treated with Eat Cleaner Produce Wash?

Grow Green Industries Founder and CEO Mareya S. Ibrahim with UC Davis’ Penny Stockdale

Eat Cleaner green bags everywhere!

Fresh-Cut Facts
Consumers demand safe, high quality fresh-cut products that have extended shelf-life, but also good eating quality. These demands require that fresh-cut processors and handlers meet rigorous standards. GGI, INC. was able to demonstrate their innovative line of products, including eatFresh-FC anti-browning powder, effective in deterring spoilage while inhibiting oxidation on cut apples, pears, avocado, potatoes and other products, and eatCleaner produce wash, containing a surfactant that helps penetrate the surface of hydrophobic fruit and vegetables to really clean thoroughly.

Topics Included:

Marketing and Consumer Issues

Marketing trends in the fresh-cut category
Product Biology

Physiology and biochemistry of fresh-cut products
Respiration, ethylene production, wound reactions
Product Quality

Noninvasive quality analysis
Sensory quality of fresh-cut products
Treatments to maintain product quality
Pre-process storage impacts on quality
Product Preparation

Technical aspects of processing equipment and selection
Fruit and vegetable preparation procedures
Temperature Management

Cooling and storage options
Accurate temperature measurement
Temperature control during transportation and distribution
Impact of temperature on product sensory and nutritional quality
Microbiology and Sanitation

Hygienic equipment design
Microorganisms of concern in fresh-cut products
Validation and verification in wash water systems
Food safety considerations for fresh-cut
Modified Atmospheres and Packaging

Optimizing MA on product quality and shelf-life
MAP and temperature interactions
Packaging selection for fresh-cut products
New developments in fresh-cut packaging
Specific Fresh-cut Product Information

Conference Coordinator
Dr Trevor V Suslow

Trevor Suslow, Ph.D. is an Extension Research Specialist at the University of California, Davis with statewide responsibilities in quality and safety of perishable horticultural commodities. Dr. Suslow’s program spans preharvest to postharvest research and outreach education on diverse fresh and minimally-processed horticultural foods from annual row crops to tree and vine commodities.

Featured instructors included:

Jeff Brandenburg, JSB Group, Greenfield, MA
Jeff Brecht, Dept. Horticultural Sciences, Univ. Florida
Marita Cantwell, Dept. Plant Sciences, UCD
Angelos Deltsidis, Dept. Plant Sciences, UCD
Rudi Groppe, Heinzen Manufacturing, Gilroy, CA
Trevor Suslow, Dept. Plant Sciences, UCD


For samples and more information, contact us at info@growgreenindustries.com


Grow Green Industries, Inc. Announces Partnership with the Western Foodservice and Hospitality Expo

CEO Mareya Ibrahim will emcee and lead Healthy Food Expo
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LOS ANGELES, California – (July 24, 2018): Grow Green Industries, Inc. is delighted to announce a partnership with Clarion UX, alongside Gourmet Business, Healthy Dining, and MenuTrinfo®, to present the Healthy Food Expo tradeshow and conference serving the healthy food component of the restaurant and foodservice marketplace. Designed to help foodservice professionals and business owners be more informed, educated and profitable, over 9,000 attendees are expected to gather for this live event, which will showcase the hottest menu trends, state of the art design and decor, and the best in business education with more than 450 exhibits from the industry’s leading vendors and purveyors.

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eatSafe Launch Release

Lake Forest, CA – eatSafeTM is the latest innovation in food safety from Grow Green Industries, INC. A four-times concentrated produce wash, eatSafeTM removes 99% of harmful pathogens such as eColi, Salmonella and Listeria and is specifically designed for commercial and food service use.

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Now, Fresh Cut Fruits and Vegetables Can Have Extended Shelf Life, Naturally.

eatFresh®-FC Natural Anti-Browning Solution is proven to extend the shelf-life of whole and fresh cut fruits and vegetables such as apples, strawberries, pears, mangos and avocados. The synergistic blend of organic components, citrates, and antioxidants preserves color, texture and freshness. eatFresh®-FC Natural Anti-Browning Solution is best applied using a dip method. PLT Health Solutions and Grow Green Industries are able to provide application-specific usage instructions and testing protocols to meet your objectives.

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Newport-Mesa USD Provides Safer Foods to Students

Five years ago, an OC-based company called Grow Green Industries, Inc, introduced a line of fruit and vegetable wash and wipes called Eat Cleaner that removes pesticides, waxes and surface debris that can carry bacteria from commercially and organically grown produce. It also removes surface debris that can carry bacteria from seafood and poultry.

Eat Cleaner was the first all-natural, odorless and tasteless, lab tested food wash, and it made a big impact on the consumer market.

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Neutraceuticals World – An Interview with Grow Green Industries Founder and CEO, Mareya Ibrahim

Mareya Ibrahim is “The Fit Foody,” hosting Fit Foody Fridays on San Diego’s Channel 6 news with bite-size health and wellness tips and a chef, writer, educator and award-winning inventor. She also is the founder and CEO of Grow Green Industries, a company dedicated to eco solutions for food safety and is the co-patent holder of a range of products for commercial and consumer applications, including Eat Cleaner, eatFresh and eatSafe. Eat Cleaner is the only consumer line of food wash and wipes that is lab proven effective in cleaning produce and extending shelf life, naturally.
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